In the running of our business, we strive to uphold the following values and principles. FBN Transport assumes a leadership stance based on pride of ownership. The way we interact with our personnel, our customers and potential business partners must exude confidence and conviction. The FBN Transport Brand Value relies on commitment and co-operation by people throughout the organisation – their actions, perceptions, attitudes, innovative ideas, constant input and feedback and confidence in the company, and, ultimately, how these are reflected to our customers – both present and potential. All these factors are essential components of our core business.
Our vision defines the essence of who we are. Everything we do flows from that vision. We don’t just happen to be a business that provides a logistical service – it’s what we’re all about. Our vision is about meeting customer’s needs and this is reflected in our constant commitment to customer service and satisfaction and our culture of “Getting it Right.” OUR AIM To get the best fleet usage through proper planning and to ensure that the organization is correctly fleeted at all times. To ensure service level compliance based on pre-determined service level agreements and to ensure the ongoing monitoring of these agreements. To ensure each and every operational process is completed: • Safely • As cost-effectively as possible • On time • Immediate reaction to customer queries at branch level through customers service agents • Document and record any non-compliance or deviations on our part, and start immediate corrective action to ensure continual improvement.
Modern business leaders must address many challenges and opportunities in complex supply chain environments, including: • Developing operations and strategies to improve overall efficiency and to support innovation across the value chain • Leveraging process and benchmarking, scenario-based strategies and lean principles to improve operational efficiency. • Generating savings and improving productivity by embracing new strategies and technologies • Paying meticulous attention to all aspects of planning, sourcing and logistics to drive down costs and improve performance • Creating an operational foundation for future growth, capacity and flexibility • Building a sustainable supply chain while improving efficiency and profitability • Driving highly flexible and responsive operational environments FBN Transport’s basic strategy is to consolidate its good customer relationship and client services by making timely deliveries, hiring the best drivers and offering genuinely competitive prices. We manage our trucking operation fully hands-on and from top to bottom.