FBN TRANSPORT is a professional, family-run business that has been serving the needs of the SA transport industry for the past 25 years. We are an independent, specialist logistics company, and we provide a flexible and customised service to meet the strategic demands and challenges of the industry. Collectively, we have more than 50 years’ worth of experience, knowledge and expertise in all aspects of freight & shipping. As a result, we have developed the ability to think outside of our comfort zone when assessing which of our services and/or advice are best suited to the needs of each of our individual customers. We offer a top quality and reliable service that adds real value to our clients’ business simply by doing what we do best – delivering cargo safely and in the shortest possible time, and at a price conducive to the economic climate.

FBN TRANSPORT specialises in full-package freight collections and distribution, including Bulk Agricultural shipments. Our logistics infrastructure includes Overnight cargo, Imported LCL cargo, Bulk shipments (Agricultural & Mining), FCL container loads, Full loads, Part loads and Break-Bulk, Hazardous cargo shipments, as well as servicing local and outlying delivery and collection areas. We additionally offer a cross-border service. In each case, our services are customised and tailored to suit the unique delivery requirements of each customer.

Our employees are the backbone of our company’s success and we regard them as our most valuable asset. To nurture this key human resource, our management team creates a stable environment by playing a visible, hands-on role in our entire operation – day and night – while also piloting the company towards our core ethic of adding value to our customers’ business. We develop our team’s potential for service and customer satisfaction by ensuring they create professional working relationships with all our customers. Our skilled staff have been trained and mentored in all aspects of the business and are thus ready to assist our clients – corporate or smaller individual businesses alike – and to offer the benefit of their expertise. Our formula for success entails the common-sense approach of encouraging our staff to commit to providing proper service to our clients, to achieve their personal goals and honour their commitments, and last, but not least, to be dedicated to the future success of the company – which, in the end, translates into their own success as well.

Our industry is in a state of constant flux. To cope with this, FBN uses continuous reinvention to adapt by being innovative and service-driven as every day brings new challenges to overcome and obstacles to climb. At FBN, we are ready for growth, poised to take advantage of fresh opportunities, and we are fully geared to support and sustain the huge potential for economic growth in our industry sector.

Most important of all: we are not a faceless, indifferent corporation: we are real people. When you talk to us, you can rest assured we will listen and we will respond. And we will get the job done to your full satisfaction. That’s why our company motto is simply: We Go The Extra Mile For You…